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At Enlighten Painting, we strive to be the best, most professional, painter in Toronto. Check out our reviews and 10/10 rating on!

Enlighten Painting is a small Toronto Painting Company offering high quality residential painting services to Toronto and the GTA. Each project is closely monitored by the owner. Beginning with a Free Colour Consultation, to the last stroke of a brush, and final clean up, Enlighten Painting provides “one client at a time” service.

Buying lower quality paint is ALWAYS a bad idea. With materials only costing an average of 15% of the total job cost, trying to save 3-5% using bad paint is a bad decision. We exclusively use Benjamin Moore’s Top of the Line Aura for its unparalleled durability, coverage, and velvet finish.

We only purchase the most up-to-date tools available in order to maximize job quality and efficiency, which means you pay less for a higher quality job.

We believe in cost transparency. All of our materials are billed to you at our cost, usually 15-20% off retail, to eliminate any incentive for using lower quality materials.

Painting can seem like a fairly simple process. But when it really comes down to it, there is a lot of potential for problems, miscommunications, and other challenges. We have heard nightmare stories from clients that have had to deal with other Toronto painting contractors. At Enlighten Painting, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide customer satisfaction through our hands-on approach.